Monday, July 21, 2008

chilli cool lee street kings cross london

I visited this restaurant on friday night with some friends. This used to be called the golden dragon but now it specialises in food from the cheszuan region of china which uses a lot of chillis in cooking.
In china little is wasted and i could not resist pig's intestine with chilli and ginger as a main. It was a little fatty but strongly flavoured and very spicy.
I had beef and ox tripe as a starter which was also spicy and nice.
We had 2 guide dogs with us and i am pleased to say we got in without any trouble.
I rated this restaurant quite highly. The food was unusual though many standard chinese dishes were also to be found. Portions were generous and of high quality though food did not come at the same time which meant people were kept waiting sometimes.
It cost about 25 pounds per head 4 2 courses and 3 drinks. We did have far too much rice and could have shared which would of course reduce the price.
I give the chilli cool 7 out of 10 and highly recommend it, particularly if you like spicy food and want something a bit unusual.

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