Thursday, March 10, 2011

King Eddies, 47 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 4BQ


This pub is actually called King Edward VII but all locals know it as King Eddies and the website is actually


I visited this pub with a friend on Sunday.  A policeman guiding me across the road recommended the chips saying they were home made and cooked in goose fat.  My friend and myself  therefore ordered fish and chips which at £11 was rather expensive.



King Eddies is really a gastro pub though it is a lot more relaxed and pub like than many.  During our visit there was a pub quiz and people were also enjoying what seemed to be a rather posher do in the function room upstairs.  The beers on offer included 2 from Warys and I think Marsdens pedigree.  There also seemed to be a wide range of spirits available.  At £3.20 a pint it was not that cheap but the prices are by no means unheard of in London.  Staff were very helpful and they read us out the menu.  Waiting time at the bar was short even when the pub was quite busy.  These were all good signs and had it not been for the food I would have given it 7.5 out of 10.  There are pubs with a bigger range of ale at cheaper prices which would have upped  the score further.


Coming back   to the food, I was disappointed to find that the fish came with thin fries.  No sign of home made chips cooked in goose fat!  The fish was large  but although the batter was quite thin  there was more batter than fish.


The meal was advertised as coming with mushy  peas.  This meant a little pot of peas ground do a pure mixed with mint and a few other things in a small pot.  If your going to do northern style mushy peas do it properly otherwise just stick to a portion of garden peas or similar.  The home made Tartar sauce was nice.  It had capers in it.


The size of the portion was large on the whole and so it should be for £11.  I just felt that quality was rather lacking.  I can have fries in McDonalds  for much less money.


This pub does sell other food such as Venison so maybe at some point I will go back there, but I will be on the lookout for other reviews.


Given the poor quality of the food I can only give this pub 5.5 out of 10.  If I can get something of better quality then the mark could easily go up by another couple of points.



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