Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Oxford 256 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2AA

                The Oxford   this pub is near Kentish Town   underground station.  Exit the station, turn left and it is the first pub you come to about 100 yards away.


This pub has a website which is:
 There is a link for food but not drink.  When I visited this pub about a week ago there was the choice of 2 beers from the St Austell  brewery called Proper Job and Tribute.  Proper Job is a really nice hoppy beer and I am pleased to say it was kept very well.


The food is a bit along the lines of a typical gastro pub where for example you get hand cut chips  (not including part of the hand, hopefully ) Pan fried Pork and various meats in Jus, what happened to Gravy?  I actually had the steak sandwich with hand cut chips which was quite large.  The steak was particularly tender and indeed the chips were home made.  That meal came to  £8.00 which is not too bad.  Other main meals at lunch time include rib eye steak and chips which costs about £16.  Most dishes are round about £10.  There’s more to choose from at night but the prices go up!


As gastro pubs go the Oxford is definitely one of the better ones.  Staff were very helpful and they read the menu out to me willingly.


Over all I give this pub 7 out of ten.  Portions were generous and helpful but I have a pet hate of pubs such as the Oxford that describes itself as the Oxford Pub and Dining room.  It’s really a restaurant that sells real ale of which I’m in favour but don’t pretend it’s a pub!

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